If you haven’t tried our filter coffee yet, find out what you’re missing out on. 


If coffee is both your necessity and passion, be aware that we have the exclusive on one of the most delicately crafted coffee making methods in the world, filter coffee. Using the revolutionary POURSTEADY technology, we’re promoting the idea that coffee is not just about the impeccable taste, but a full sensory experience.


Our POURSTEADY Machine, which is the only one in South Australia, works by utilising the drip coffee method, where the beans are measured precisely, finely ground and placed in a coffee filter. The freshly ground coffee is triple infused with water heated no higher than 80 degrees, to ensure the full range of flavour is produced from the beans. Resulting in a consistently perfect cup of coffee with customised rich notes of flavour, every time.

Just like wine varietals, a coffee’s flavour depends on its source. The coffee beans used in POURSTEADY are ethically sourced by Five Senses Coffee. From locations ranging from Rwanda to Tanzania, the geographical differences mean the beans vary greatly in flavour. With our POURSTEADY machine, you can select and enjoy a range of coffee beans to experience your ideal flavour profile in the coffee.

Some of the Five Senses Coffee beans options include: 

-       “Adado” Rich marmalade, creamy lemon & floral bergamot. Originating from Ethiopia, these beans flavour stems from slowly matured coffee cherries producing citrus and floral notes.

-       “Rugali” Candied Red Apple, Blood Orange, Buttery Body. These bourbon coffee cherries originate from Rwanda and are dried for 21 days to produce this unique flavour.

-       “Kipenzi Peaberry Washed” Rich dark fruits, zesty cranberry & maple syrup. The peaberry coffee cherry is a naturally mutated cherry that includes only one seed. On this farm in Tanzania, the Peaberry cherries are sorted from the rest to make this unique coffee. 


POURSTEADY is able to truly showcase the flavours of these amazing coffee beans. Best enjoyed black, although if you’d like to add a splash of milk, simply ask our friendly staff.


Head down to Mr Chu to taste coffee like you never have before! 


If you have any further questions or not sure which flavour profile would tantalise your tastebuds, speak to one of our amazing staff members at Mr Chu.